World's first!

World's first "combined tunnel maintenance vehicle"

The vehicle is equipped with:  


Tilting stainless steel suction/pressure tank with 14,500 litre total capacity and full rear door opening, 37 t total weight, vacuum compressor 1600 m³/h, high pressure water pump 330 l/min at 170 bar, combined vacuum and flushing arm with lifting, telescopic and pivot function

The tunnel walls, ceilings and lighting fixtures are washed with two rotating washing brushes. A water and washing liquid solution is sprayed on before brushing, and the dirt is flushed away after brushing with water at high pressure.

The cleaning height in a single working process is up to 4.50 m.

The cleaning speed lies between 700 and 3,000 m/h and is possible 

due to the installation of a hydraulic drive unit. It is possible to set the two-stage hydraulic drive unit between 0 - 20 km/h (stage 1: cleaning operation 0 - 7 km/h, stage 2: 3 - 20 km/h).

Control of the superstructure takes place from a rotating passenger seat in the driver's cab. The operator has a clear view of the rotating washing brushes due to the installation of viewing windows in the roof and in the side and rear wall. In order to ease operation, the distance from the tunnel wall is measured constantly and displayed to the driver.

The vehicle is a fully-fledged combination sewer flushing unit for cleaning and vacuuming tunnel sewers. Sewer cleaning takes place using the combined vacuum and flushing arm, which is equipped with a lifting, telescopic and pivot function.

Control is possible whilst in the vehicle and via radio remote control.

The vehicle is additionally equipped with a road washing beam with a working width of 

2.5 - 4.0 m. The washing beam slides 0.6 m to the left or right in order to wash pavements with widths of up to 1.3 m. Control is implemented hydraulically from the driver's cab in a similar way to the operation of a snowplough.