Vehicle for Industrial Cleaning

Tank Cleaning Vehicle

Stainless steel suction tank, 14500 l
Heatable suction tank
High pressure water pump, 155 l/min at 130 bars
Hydraulically operated  hose drum with 60 m ½“ hose
Vacuum pump, 2.500 m³/h
Suction hose drum  
for 40 m suction hose 3“
High suction hose compartments on both sides
Compartmentdoors opens pneumatically 
Radio remote control

Tank Cleaning Vehicle with extreme water pressure

Stainless steel suctin tank, 12400 l ATEX and
ADR Certification, Piston,
½“ high pressure hose drum and suction hose drum rear mounted
2 high pressure pumps Hammelmann driven
from the truck via intermediate transmission
output 2x 82 l/min at 1100 bars,
automatically  pressure-revolution control
vacuum pump 3100 m³/h
additional rotary pump 30 m³/h, 6 bars

Extreme Water Pressure Unit

Extreme water pressure aggregat for water pressure up to 3000 bars as ready to use - unit fitted into a WAP 20“ Container, which is divided in aggregat chamber, outlet air chamber and workroom with work benche and vise, large stainless steel tank for claiming the water before feeding the water pump

Tank Cleaning Superstructure (ADR)

Tank cleaning superstructure with 14.000 l stainless steel tank; 4 chambers. filling and emptying line led to the rear; big hose trays; pump for external works 40 m³/h ( cavity pump; vacuum pump 1600 m³/h; high pressure water pump 45 l/min at 160 bars; small hose drum with 60m ½“; hose, suction hose drum for 30 m suction hose ø 85 and 30 m ø 50; air compressor 200 l/min at 20 bars; ADR-equipment.

Tank Cleaning Vehicle (ADR)

Tank cleaning body with 15.000 l stainless steel tank, 4 chambers, ADR-certificatin and equipment for all classes, vacuum pump, high pressure water installation, suction hose drum rear mounted, radio remote control, large tool boxes with pneumatically operated doors.

Extreme Water Pressure-Suction Unit

Suction tank with tippable stainless steel tank, capacitys 15.000 l, radio remote control, vackuum pump 1600m³/h. extreme water pressure pump with 90l/min at 1000 bars, lockable side boxes with above mounted hose trays, suction hose drum, ADR-certification and equipent

Extreme Water Pressure Box Body

High pressure pump Hammelmann HDP 382 direct driven from the truck via intermediate transmission, output 204 l/min at 1000 bars
pump revolution adjustable between 190-1800 RPM (22-204 l/min) automatically pressure – revolution control

Complete aggregat fitted into an insulated box body including 12.000 l stainless steel tank.
Steam heater for heating the rinsing water up to 60°C.  hydraulically driven hose drums.